The Derrick Martin Foundation (DMF) started as a way for Derrick Martin to give back to Underprivileged children in single parent homes through sports. It was combination of seasonal sports camps that brought children to high schools to practice, train, and engage with their favorite NFL players and coaches.  Everything that one would see in a high level college training camp was seen in the DMF training camps. These camps involved Coaches, Nutritionist, athletes from amateur and pro level, whom donated their time and expertise to our monthly seminars, educating and informing the children on various topics from bullying to physical wellness.

Today, DMF has transformed into a multi-dimensional set of programs that still holds the core of the services above for the community of children that it was created for, but DMF also has formed an integrative free enterprise entrepreneurial component that focuses around green technology and development. DMF is housed on a 38 acres farm titled Two Rings Ranch that is under development for miniature green enterprises for the youth to develop. In the children’s visit to Two Rings Ranch they will not only do their sports camps but they will learn the art of gardening, animal caregiving, Earth home development, etc. DMF has a full curriculum that can be altered and tailor made for any age range and culture from which the child originates.

Join us as we help transform individuals, classrooms, and entire schools to incorporate a future of sports and entrepreneurialism .